James Kerr

James Kerr

Company: Citizens Advice

Job title: Senior policy researcher


James is a Senior Policy Researcher in the Energy Networks and Systems team at Citizens Advice, representing consumers in energy networks issues such as price controls, electricity charging reform, network code changes, and the future of heat. He is a member of the Future of Gas Forum Steering Group. Previously in his career James was responsible for developing contracts for electricity network connections at National Grid ESO, as well as working with disadvantaged communities in fuel poverty to reduce energy consumption and increase comfort at the charity Groundwork. James is seconded to his role from National Grid ESO.


The role of hybrid heat pump systems 4:25 pm

The decarbonisation of heat will have significant impact on the gas and electricity network, so the crucial question is: Multi vector, hybrid systems or something else – which system works? This discussion will bring together the insights of the entire conference to outline what practical steps networks can take to accelerate the transition towards low-carbon…Read more

day: ROADMAP TO 2030