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Switch2 is the UK’s most experienced and capable provider of end-to-end solutions for heat networks. We make a success of heat networks owned by local authorities, housing associations and private developers. We help to optimise energy efficiency, manage renewable energy, and focus on scheme performance, whilst minimising costs to the resident. Our expertise spans across the full heat network lifespan and includes heat network design and build, energy performance, operation and maintenance, through to customer services including metering and billing.

For more information, please visit: www.switch2.co.uk

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Since 1935 Calor has provided energy to rural, off gas grid communities in the UK. Over this time Calor has developed an understanding of the needs and challenges these homes and businesses face as they live & thrive in some of the best parts of the UK. The challenge of decarbonising the off grid sector is not one to be taken lightly – and, even though it is scheduled to be an early mover within forthcoming heat policy, it should not be seen as a simple low hanging fruit set of properties.  There is no silver bullet for these 2 million homes to allow the 4.5 million people to transition their heating systems.  Calor is already providing one viable and available solution through the provision of BioLPG to the UK.  Even though standard LPG is currently one of the cleanest fuels available for off grid UK - producing less carbon, particulates, SOx and NOx compared to heating oil and coal - it is clear that this will not be enough to meet Net Zero targets.  in 2018 Calor was the first UK supplier of BioLPG, a renewable biofuel drop-in replacement for standard LPG, which allows homes and businesses to transition without any upfront cost or changes to their property. Our company target is to completely transition to only supplying renewable fuels by 2040,  and the journey has already started.  There will be several options for home & business owners to consider in the future - BioLPG will not be the silver bullet for all off grid properties, but for many it will be the easiest and most cost effective solution.

For more information, please visit: www.calor.co.uk


The Kensa Group pioneered the adoption of ground source heat pumps in the UK. As an award-winning collection of businesses involved in the manufacture and installation of ground source technology, they provide efficient heating and cooling alternatives to polluting fossil fuels. Every ground source system is crafted by experts to deliver low-carbon comfort to British buildings of all shapes and sizes - connecting homes and businesses to a net-zero carbon future.

For more information, please visit: www.thekensagroup.com