Since 1935 Calor has provided energy to rural communities in the UK. Homes and businesses off the gas grid need energy just the same as their on-grid counterparts. Calor understands the needs of these rural communities, the challenges they face, and the beauty of living in some of the best parts of the UK. LPG is still one of the cleanest fuels available for off grid UK, producing less carbon, particulates, SOx and NOx compared to heating oil and coal. But Calor is going further to ensure we meet the challenge of Net Zero and is continuing to reduce its carbon impact both now and for the future. In 2018 Calor was the first UK supplier of BioLPG, a low carbon and renewable drop in replacement for standard LPG, which allows homes and businesses to decarbonise without any upfront cost or changes to their property. Ensuring a just transition, by keeping costs and disruption low for consumers, is vital to reach Net Zero. Through our parent company, SHV Energy, we have a global target of only supplying renewable fuels by 2040. BioLPG will not be the answer for all properties, and neither will other low carbon heating solutions, but it has a key role to play in achieving Net Zero for off gas grid UK by 2050.

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