In a world reeling from the staggering impact of the global coronavirus pandemic, the need to act against climate change and deliver the UK’s net zero transition remains.

This environment poses grand challenges for asset managers in the energy networks industry who must swiftly assimilate the ways in which the nation’s period of lockdown has affected key asset maintenance and replacement schedules as well as the outlook for planned capital projects.

Furthermore, they must do this in the context of an ongoing low carbon energy transition which will bring major changes to gas and power infrastructure and the way in which assets are required to operate. And all in the shadow of a price control which, now more than ever, will place affordability at its heart, demanding greater operational efficiency of networks and placing downward pressure on spending allowances.

The 2020 Network Asset Performance Digital Conference will ask industry leaders to share their response to this environment. We will highlight their lessons learned from ensuring asset resilience during the UK’s period of lockdown, explore the outbreak’s implications for the future low carbon asset base and set out how these considerations are being reflected in the regulator’s approach to RIIO2.

We look forward to meeting you - virtually - in September.


Jane Gray
Content Director, Utilities