Headquartered in Puidoux, Switzerland, and founded in 2012, DEPsys is a technology company that empowers grid managers to evolve their operations through digital technology. Combining innovative hardware and software, DEPsys gives low-medium-voltage grid managers previously impossible insight into the performance of their networks, enabling them to operate better today and to plan an informed evolution in response to the energy transition. DEPsys counts more than 30 DSOs around the world among its customers and was recently named in the Global Cleantech 100, achieved the Frost & Sullivan Best Practices Award, and has been awarded the Solar Impulse Efficient Solution Label.

Discover the power of GridEye Grid Edge Data for asset planning, live presentations at 10:35 am or 12.35 pm on depsys booth with Gordon Fairley & Ramzi Solomon. Join us for a virtual beer at 3.15 pm.

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envelio provides the Intelligent Grid Platform (IGP) to DSOs to support them in dealing with future challenges with the mass integration of renewable energies, EV charging points and other assets into the power grid.

The IGP is a modular digital and flexible DSO assistance system delivered as a SaaS solution with three main application areas:

  • Data quality: Create validated, comprehensive digital grid models with innovative algorithms/machine learning.
  • Grid planning: Automate and accelerate processes and workflows of grid planners
  • Grid operation: Analyze the grid state and solve congestions in real-time

After capturing more than 15 % of medium- and low-voltage networks in Germany with the IGP in just 2 years we are currently entering new markets with new projects and expanding worldwide.

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Fugro’s revolutionary Roames’ 3D virtual world service provides costs savings of up to 40 per cent on OPEX budget. It delivers a complete and accurate 3D virtual model of a power company’s assets that can be used by infrastructure managers to investigate and monitor the condition and performance of their network without the need to deploy workers to the field. Within Roames, assets are modelled with their relevant structural, mechanical, electrical, and thermal characteristics, enabling a deeper understanding of asset behaviour and supporting many asset management activities. Roames can help optimise your investments and streamline maintenance while improving safety and customer service.

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NM Group optimise the performance of electricity networks using geospatial data, software and analytics. Our solutions include modelling overhead line clearances, optimising vegetation management or delivering efficiency-enhancing software. We help network operators demonstrate compliance, improve reliability and ensure the safe operation of their assets.

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Wilson Power Solutions designs and manufactures power and distribution transformers and battery tripping units. Wilson Power Solutions now provide UK DNO approved pole and ground-mounted transformers through an exclusive UK partnership with Toshiba.

Our new generation Wilson e3 Ultra Low Loss Amorphous transformers are already far ahead of the EU Eco-Design Regulations for transformer losses (Tier 2) coming into force in July 2021. Upgrading to Wilson e3 can save over £100k and 150 tCO2 over its lifetime. We have over 1300 installations of our award-winning amorphous low loss transformers across the UK saving organisations significant amounts of energy, money, and carbon emissions.

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