Chris Train

Chris Train

Job title: UK’s Green Gas Champion


Former CEO of Cadent, Britain’s largest gas distribution network, Chris is spearheading ENA’s Gas Goes Green programme as the UK’s Green Gas Champion, to create the world’s first zero carbon gas grid here in the UK, to hit our 2050 net zero carbon target.  He currently sits on the Government’s Hydrogen Advisory Council and is the Advisory Council’s Champion on the Standards and Regulation Work Group.

Chris has 38 years’ experience of working in the UK energy industry, also serving for 8 years as National Grid’s Networks Operations Director, where he was responsible for the real-time running of Britain’s energy networks, ensuring that the country’s electricity and gas needs were met 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

During this period, he also worked closely with industry and Government to implement some of the most radical changes to Britain’s electricity system since privatisation, which have led to Britain’s position as a world-leading producer of renewable electricity, including through offshore wind.


Panel discussion and questions: UK energy infrastructure that is fit for the future 10:20 am

Decarbonising assets now against tough regulatory pressures and uncertain futures   The need for fresh thinking and innovation to reduce footprint and visual impact of new assets  Pathways towards net zero: short-term asset decisions to meet long-term goals  Quantifying embodied carbon and accounting for the carbon impacts on a rapidly digitalising asset base  Meeting RIIO and NIA/NIC performance requirements Read more

day: 21 September