Scott Mathieson

Scott Mathieson

Company: SP Energy Networks (Virtual participation)

Job title: Director of network planning and regulation


Scott joined ScottishPower after graduating from the University of Glasgow with a degree in economics.  In a career spanning 25 years with the company he has gained experience across a number of roles including Strategic Planning, Regulation, Financial & Regulatory Reporting and Asset Risk Management.  Scott has played a significant role in the company’s major price control reviews post privatisation and has been involved in a number of group strategic projects, including acquisitions and business change programmes.

Over the course of the last 10 years Scott has been increasingly involved in the area of asset risk management and system planning and design across Transmission and Distribution. Scott was appointed to his most recent role as Network Planning & Regulation Director at the end of 2014, increasing his responsibilities to include Asset Management, System Design & Planning, Process and System Development and Workforce Renewal.

Scott is a member of the Board of Directors for SP Distribution, SP Manweb and SP Transmission.


Panel discussion and questions: UK energy infrastructure that is fit for the future 10:20 am

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day: 21 September